Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Turner Games Q2 Update

I am a little late in posting this summary, but such is life in the summertime. It has been a busy month of resting, traveling, and playing new games, but I still wanted to make sure I posted this overview for future reference.

Game Design

I made some significant progress on one of my designs in the second quarter, as I generated a playable prototype of my Canadian electoral game, First Past the Post, by the end of May. After a couple of playtests, I have not worked on it further, but at least it's something. I also did some idea work on my next design, so that's also quite exciting.

What was more significant was that we finally launched the site for our local game design group, Regina Game Forge. I have been doing some writing about game design and board gaming there, so less of it has been and will be appearing here, so make sure to check it out if you like this kind of nerdery.

Writing about Board Games

I did find the time to write a couple of posts on board games on this blog, but I think more of my writing will be diverted to Regina Game Forge in the future. I only wrote two posts, but I really enjoyed composing both of them, including the hours of research I had to put in for each.

Deck Building Games: A Mostly Comprehensive Introduction was my next attempt in synthesizing my experience in a particular mechanic and genre. I like the way this is going, so I hope to write more of these kinds of posts in the future.

A Deep Dive into my Board Game H-Index was a deeply, deeply nerdy investigative dive into my playing habits over the past six-plus years as seen through the lens of my H-index. I am particularly proud of this post because it's just so deeply nerdily awesome.

Ongoing GeekLists on BGG

Goals for 2017

1. 400 plays during the year, including 30 plays in each month. I had to work to make it in June, but I just barely made it on the last day of the month. I'm still well on my way to meeting this goal with 215 plays in the first half of the year.

2. Play 100 new games during the year. I am well on my way to meeting this goal, with forty-nine new games played in addition to eight new expansions.

3. Play 20 of my Top 25 to Play. I have played 11 of the 25, with another 7 seeming likely, so I am well on my way to accomplishing this goal.

4. Play 10 out of my 20 leftover Top to Play games. I am still stuck at two, so I will need to do some serious work to get through this list.

5. Play 20 out of my Top 25 to Replay. I am also stuck at two on this list, so it's seeming increasingly unlikely that I will reach this goal.

6. Increase my h-index to 22. I hit an h-index of 20 on June 30 with a play of Citadels, so I'm still on track to hit 22 with the right games played over the next six months.

7. Attend a convention. This is still in the works for the fall.

8. Publish Pot O' Gold. It's still in the works.

9. Finish the prototype of First Past the Post. I finished the prototype and started playtesting at the end of May! Of course, after two playtests, I will have to spend more time redesigning the prototype and reworking a number of aspects of the game, but this goal is accomplished!

10. Start a game design / review website. went live on May 5, so this is accomplished!

Games Played

Games played this quarter from my Top 25 to play: Bear Valley; Oh My Goods!; The Oracle of Delphi; Terraforming Mars (4)

Games played this quarter from previous "Top to Play" lists: N/A

Other new games played this quarter: Babel; The Bird Told Me To Do It; Clank!; Colosseum; Control; Dragon Slayer; Fairy Tale; El Gaucho; Honshu; Keltis Mini; Kingdomino; Onitama; Sagrada; Star Trek: Five Year Mission; Tak; Tetris Link; Valley of the Kings: Last Rites; Villagers and Villains; Yokohama (19)

New expansions played this quarter: 7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon; The Grizzled: At Your Orders!; Istanbul: Letters and Seals (3)

New party/social games played this quarter: N/A

New filler games played this quarter: Control; Dragon Slayer; Keltis Mini; Tak; Tetris Link (5)

New light strategy games played this quarter: Babel; Bear Valley; The Bird Told Me To Do It; Fairy Tale; Honshu; Oh My Goods!; Onitama; Valley of the Kings: Last Rites (8)

New family games played this quarter: Clank!; Kingdomino; Sagrada; Star Trek: Five Year Mission; Villagers and Villains (5)

New family strategy games played this quarter: El Gaucho (1)

New complex games played this quarter: Colosseum; The Oracle of Delphi; Terraforming Mars; Yokohama (4)

New mega-complex games played this quarter: N/A

Favourite new games played this quarter: Honshu; Kingdomino; Oh My Goods!; Onitama; The Oracle of Delphi; Sagrada; Terraforming Mars

Most-played games this quarter: Carcassonne / Ingenious / Jaipur / Monkey / Pot O' Gold / Splendor (3 plays each)

New games played repeatedly this quarter: Babel; Bear Valley; The Bird Told Me To Do It; Oh My Goods!; Villagers and Villains (5)

Other games played more than once this quarter: The Grizzled; Pandemic; Pandemic: The Cure; Paperback; Viticulture (6)

Games replayed from my Top 25 to Replay List this quarter: Mombasa (1)

Other games replayed (for a second time) this quarter: Akrotiri; Monkey; Quests of Valeria; Qwirkle; Shadows Over Camelot (5)

Expansions replayed (for a second time) this quarter: Village: Inn (1)

New games to reach three plays this quarter: Monkey; Nerdy Inventions; Paperback; Quests of Valeria; Thief's Market (5)

New nickels (five total plays) this quarter: Elysium; The Grizzled; Ingenious; Pandemic: The Cure; Villages of Valeria (5)

New dimes (ten total plays) this quarter: N/A

New quarters (25 total plays) this quarter: N/A

Most plays this year:
1. Carcassonne / Istanbul / Jaipur (6)
4. Pot O' Gold / SeaFall / Splendor / Villages of Valeria (5)
8. Rook / Viticulture (4)
9. Fleet / Ingenious / Monkey / Nerdy Inventions / Pandemic: The Cure / Quests of Valeria (3)

All-time most plays as of the end of this quarter:
1. 7 Wonders (68)
2. Pandemic (44)
3. Race for the Galaxy (40)
4. King of Tokyo (35)
5. Splendor (31)
6. Carcassonne (29)
7. Dominion (26)
8. Agricola (25)
9. Hanabi (24)
10. The Castles of Burgundy / Flash Point: Fire Rescue (23)
12. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (22)
13. Pot O' Gold (21)
14. Battle Line / Citadels / Fleet / Glory to Rome / Innovation / Kingdom Builder / Lords of Waterdeep (20)
21. Jaipur (19)
22. At the Gates of Loyang (18)
23. Istanbul / The Resistance (17)
25. Eminent Domain / San Juan (16)
27. Alhambra / Galaxy Trucker / Saint Petersburg (15)
30. Orléans / T.I.M.E Stories (14)

Want to play

Games added this quarter: Alien Artifacts; Barenpark; Century: Spice Road; Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done; El Dorado; Ex Libris; Heaven and Ale; Herbaceous; Magic Maze; Near and Far; Okey Dokey; The Palace of Mad King Ludwig; Pandemic: Iberia; Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu; Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time; Pyramids; Sentient; Spires; Valletta; Ulm; Yamatai (21)

Party/social games added this quarter: N/A

Filler/light games added this quarter: Herbaceous; Magic Maze; Okey Dokey (3)

Light strategy games added this quarter: Century: Spice Road; Pyramids; Spires (3)

Family games added this quarter: Barenpark; El Dorado; Pandemic: Iberia; Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu; Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time (5)

Family strategy games added this quarter: Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done; Ex Libris; Heaven and Ale; Near and Far; The Palace of Mad King Ludwig; Sentient; Ulm; Valletta; Yamatai (9)

Complex games added this quarter: Alien Artifacts (1)

Expansions added this quarter: N/A

Games and expansions removed from my Want to Play list this quarter: N/A

Changes to my collection

Games acquired this quarter: Acquire; Bear Valley; The Bird Told Me To Do It; Blokus 3D; Crokinole; Finca; FlowerFall; For Sale; Incan Gold; Mega Man Pixel Tactics: Blue; Oh My Goods!; Pandemic: The Cure; Qwirkle; Scrabble (1976 edition); Telestrations; Time Pirates; Waterworks; Wits and Wagers; Wits and Wagers Party (19)

Large expansions acquired this quarter: Istanbul: Letters and Seals; Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion; Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black (3)

Promo (mini/small) expansions acquired this quarter: Codenames: Pictures - The Broken Token Promo; Dixit: Spielbox 03/15 Promo; Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black - Drones (3)

Games and expansions liquidated from my collection this quarter: Concept; Keyflower: Emporium and Monument (2)

Kickstarters that arrived this quarter: The Bird Told Me To Do It; Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black (2)

Kickstarters ordered this quarter (with target arrival date): Alien Frontiers: Outer Belt (with 10 promo expansions) (August); Hardback and Paperback expansion (Oct); Ladder 29 (Oct)

Kickstarters still on order from previous quarters (with expected arrival date): Alien Frontiers: Factions and 2017 Promo Pack (August); Innovation Deluxe (Q3 2017); Tiny Epic Quest (August)

Here's the updated shelfie for posterity:

Wish List

Games added to my wish list this quarter: Akrotiri; Arboretum; Caverna: Cave vs. Cave; Caylus; Codenames Duet; Flip City: Wilderness; La Granja: No Siesta!; Pandemic Legacy: Season 2; Terraforming Mars (9)

Games acquired from my wish list this quarter: For Sale; Pandemic: The Cure; Wits and Wagers (3)

Games removed from my wish list this quarter: N/A

Expansions added to my wish list this quarter: Between Two Cities: Capitals; Concordia: Gallica / Corsica; Fields of Arle: Tea and Trade; King of Tokyo: Cthulhu; Lanterns: The Emperor's Gifts; Star Realms: Scenarios; Troyes: Ladies of Troyes; Terraforming Mars: Hellas and Elysium (8)

Expansions acquired from my wish list this quarter: Istanbul: Letters and Seals; Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion (2)

Small (mini/promo) expansions added to my "Want in Trade" list this quarter: 7 Wonders: Duel - Stonehenge; Caylus - The Jeweler; Codenames: Board Games; Core Worlds: Champion of Ra; Core Worlds: Pre-Game Draft Cards; Finca: El Razul; Fleet: Captain "Peg Leg" Louder; Fleet: Captain Mouse; Harbour: Klaus; Imperial Settlers: Aztecs - Commons; Imperial Settlers: Man vs. Animals; Isle of Skye: Themenplattchen; Istanbul: Caravan Leader; King of Tokyo: Fish Market (14)

Small (mini/promo) expansions acquired from my "Want in Trade" list this quarter: Core Worlds: The Stronghold; Dixit: Spielbox 03/15 Promo (2)

Small (mini/promo) removed from my "Want in Trade" list this quarter: Carcassonne: The Watchtower; Keyflower x5 (Beekeeper; Keymelequin; Pig Shelter; Storyteller; Trader) (6)

Looking forward to Quarter 3

The summer tends to be a bit of a lazier time for gaming, what with all the nice weather and all, but there are still a few things I'm looking forward to over the next three months in addition to my regular game design work.

Century: Spice Road - This light strategy game has been described as "Splendor Plus" and a "Splendor killer"; since Splendor has been one of my favourite games of its type over the past few years, I am understandably excited to play this, since it seems like it has the potential to become a fast favourite of mine.

GenCon - The Indianapolis game convention has become one of the premier events in gaming, and many companies aim to release their new games at the Con. It runs from Thursday, August 17 to Sunday, August 20, during which time there will be a lot of exciting news about new releases coming over the rest of the year.

Innovation Deluxe - The long-overdue Kickstarter of one of my favourite games has finally arrived, so I will get to finally experience the final two expansions!

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 - Season 1 was one of my favourite gaming experiences ever, and although Season 2 looks like it will be very different in content and narrative, I am anticipating some great gameplay.

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