Thursday, October 01, 2015

Board Game Update: 3rd Quarter 2015

It's that time again: time for an overly comprehensive reflection on my board gaming habits that probably interests only me and a few other people. Well, if you're one of those select few, enjoy!

Games Played

Over the past three months, I played 50 different games, as well as four different versions of Ticket to Ride; of those 50, 25 were new to me, which sets my personal high for a quarter.

Most played this quarter (3 plays each): Carcassonne, The Castles of Burgundy, Race for the Galaxy, San Juan, Splendor

Most played all-time: 
1. 7 Wonders (55 plays)
2. Race for the Galaxy (34)
3. King of Tokyo (29)
3. Pandemic (29)
5. Dominion (25)
6. Agricola (19)
7. Innovation (18)
8. Hanabi (16)
8. The Resistance (16)
10. Carcassonne (15)
10. Glory to Rome (15)
10. Lords of Waterdeep (15)
10. Splendor (15)

New games played: 7 Wonders: Babel; Antidote; Artifacts, Inc.; Bang! The Dice Game; Biblios; Blueprints; Codenames; Core Worlds; Doctor Who Card Game; Firefly: The Game; Flip City; La Granja; Imperial Settlers; Mottainai; Paperback; Russian Railroads; Temporum; Ticket to Ride: India; Ticket to Ride: Legendary Asia; Ticket to Ride: Nederland; Timeline: Music and Cinema; Tiny Epic Kingdoms; Tumblin' Dice; Ultimate Werewolf; Viceroy (25!)

Definite future purchases of these new games played: 7 Wonders: Babel; Artifacts, Inc.; Biblios; Codenames; Paperback (5)

Possible (Likely?) future purchases of these new games played: Bang! The Dice Game; Blueprints; Core Worlds; Flip City; Imperial Settlers; La Granja; Russian Railroads; Viceroy (8)

Games re-played after a long absence: Macao; Ora et Labora; Small World

Added to repertoire: Biblios; Blueprints; Codenames; Core Worlds; Firefly: The Game; Flip City; La Granja; Imperial Settlers; Mottainai; Ora et Labora; Small World; Tiny Epic Kingdoms; Viceroy (13)

Games I Want To Play

I was at 152 games to play at the beginning of July, and after adding 18 games to that list throughout this last quarter, I'm now down to...150 games. I'm still fairly happy with my progress, but I am starting to wonder whether I will ever be able to get much below this mark.

Top 30 games to play (as of January 1): AquaSphere; Belfort; BibliosBrugesCastles of Mad King Ludwig; Caverna: The Cave Farmers; Concept; Core WorldsCoup; Fields of Arle; Glen More; Haggis; Hawaii; KeyflowerLa Isla; Lewis and Clark; Machi Koro; Mascarade; Morels; New Dawn; Pandemic: ContagionPandemic: The Cure; PaperbackPatchworkRoll for the Galaxy; Russian RailroadsSnake OilSuburbia; TemporumTrajan (18/30 played)

Top 10 games to re-play (as of January 1): Bora Bora; Five Tribes; Glass Road; Impulse; Istanbul; Macao; Ora et Labora; Stone Age; Twilight Struggle; Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar (4/10 re-played)

Added to Want to Play in Quarter 3: Arena: Roma II; Artifacts, Inc.; Babel; Codenames; Dungeon Lords; Dungeon Petz; Eight Minute Empire; Isle of Trains; Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction; Manhattan Project: Energy Empire; Medieval Academy; Merkator; Minutes to Midnight; Pandemic: State of Emergency; Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age; Shakespeare; Space Alert (18)

Removed from Want to Play in Quarter 3: Drop Site; Java; Kill Shakespeare; Mexica; and 1 or 2 others.

Changes to my Collection

I had a solid quarter of acquiring new games, and I had to spend very little money to do it. I received 2 Kickstarters, 1 through trading games, 6 as a gift from a very close friend, and 2 through purchases funded by selling some of my classic video game collection.

Additions to my collection: Alhambra: The Falconers (expansion); Bora Bora with promo expansion; The Castles of Burgundy: 2nd, 4th, and 5th promo expansions; Elysium; Goa; Innovation: Figures in the Sand (expansion); Le Havre: Essen Promo; Macao; Mottainai (KS); Ora et Labora; Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs. Imperium (expansion); Roma; Sheriff of Nottingham; Temporum; Tiny Epic Galaxies + promo expansion; Viticulture: Complete Collector's Edition (including Tuscany expansion) (11 games, 4 large expansions, 6 promo/mini-expansions)

Liquidated from the collection: Drop Site; Evil Baby Orphanage; Scrabble (Deluxe); Scotland Yard (with several more yet to go!)

Kickstarters ordered this quarter: Fleet: Wharfside (Nov 2015); Floating Market (Dec. 2015); Innovation: Deluxe (July 2016); Scoville: Labs (Feb. 2016)

Kickstarters in transit: Among the Stars: Revival (Oct. 2015); Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers (Feb. 2016); Eminent Domain: Exotica (Feb. 2016)

Board Game Goals

1. 240 plays for the year. With 69 plays this quarter  I'm sitting at 238 for the year, so I'm confident in achieving this one.

2. Add 15 games to my repertoire. I'm easily over 30 for the year, so this goal was obviously too low.

3. Play all of the games in my collection in the calendar year. This goal looks like it will be in jeopardy, as I have played 60 of 124 games for a total of 48.3% of my collection; this includes 20 games played once, another 15 twice; another 19 between 3 and 5 times; and the remaining 6 6 times or more. It looks like the games I haven't played will be likely fodder for clearing out early in the new year.

4. Play Jump Gate. Still waiting for that Kickstarter...

5. Complete a 10x10 challenge. I didn't make a lot of progress this quarter - only 4 plays - so I'm currently sitting at 35%, with five games (Among the Stars, Agricola, Cosmic Encounter, Innovation, and Puerto Rico) totalling 6%. I doubt I'm going to make it, but I'm hoping to crack 50% for this year and to choose more wisely next year.

6. Play 20 games from my Top 30 games to play. I have played 18 of 30 so far with six more ready to go in the next month or two, so I'm going to meet this goal.

7. Acquire six quality games in 2015. Definitely achieved, with 11 in this quarter alone to go with at least 6 in the first two combined.

8. Make three new gaming friends. I have achieved the true level of gaming friends with several people: they consider your collection when choosing whether to purchase a new game. Definitely achieved.

9. Blog once a month about board gaming in addition to my quarterly updates. I wrote only one post since my last update, but I think its scope was sufficiently wide to excuse the lack of other posts. Still, I'm aiming for at least once a month.

10. Get Pot O' Gold (my game) finished and published! The redesign is in progress, and my target for wider availability is January 2016.

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