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Board Game Update: 1st Quarter 2015

After a rough first few months of mostly not gaming due to moving and starting a new job in a new city, I feel like I'm back and better than ever as a board gamer. This quarter I have found a local gaming group that meets every Tuesday thanks to the SaskGames website, and I have managed to attend 2/3 of the time since Christmas. As a direct result of this community, I have been more active and prolific as a gamer as any time in the past 4+ years, so I'm really excited about this summary of my past three months of board gaming - not to mention Easter break starting in two days and ending with a day-long Tabletop Day of gaming in just over a week!

Games Played

I have had a more prolific three months of gaming than I have ever had. I have played 49 different games for a total of 79 plays, including 30 in January, 17 in February, and 32 in March. (In comparison, my previous best three month stretch was March to May 2012, with 25, 28, and 22 plays respectively for 75 total.)

Most played this quarter: Race for the Galaxy (6); Glass Road; King of Tokyo; Splendor (4T); The Resistance (3)

Most Played All-Time:
1. 7 Wonders (49)
2. Race for the Galaxy (28)
3. Pandemic (27)
4. King of Tokyo (26)
5. Dominion (24)
6. Agricola (18)
7. Innovation (16)
8. Glory to Rome (14)
9. The Resistance (13)
10. At the Gates of Loyang; Battle Line; Carcassonne; Citadels; Hanabi; Lords of Waterdeep; Saint Petersburg; Ticket to Ride: Europe (12)

New games played (24!): Arkham Horror; Castles of Mad King Ludwig; Coup; Deus; Eggs and Empires; Fidelitas; Fresco; Friday; Harbour; Keyflower; Machi Koro (with Harbor expansion); Manhattan Project; My First Carcassonne; Pandemic: Contagion; Pandemic: The Cure; Panic Station; Red7; Scoville; Sheriff of Nottingham; Snake Oil; Suburbia; Sushi Go!; Tokaido; Viticulture

Games I Want To Play

I started the year with 162 games that I wanted to play, and now I have 163 games on that list. Even though I've played 25 new games, including 16 from my Want To Play list, my list is longer than it was at the beginning of the year because I have added 17 games to my "Want To Play" list since January 1, in addition to the games that I have added and also played in those months. Most of those games will not release until later this year, but I've added them to my list nevertheless.

Games added to my "Want To Play" list this quarter: 7 Wonders: Duel; Above and Below; Bang! The Dice Game; Barony; Between Two Cities; Biblios Dice; Elysium; Floating Market; Fresco: The Card Game; Legacy: Gears of Time; Mine, All Mine!; Mottainai; My Village; Nova Cry; Orleans; Pandemic: Legacy; Tiny Epic Galaxies

Top 30 games to play (as of January 1): AquaSphere; Belfort; Biblios; Bruges; Castles of Mad King Ludwig; Caverna: The Cave Farmers; Concept; Core Worlds; Coup; Fields of Arle; Glen More; Haggis; Hawaii; Keyflower; La Isla; Lewis and Clark; Machi Koro; Mascarade; Morels; New Dawn; Pandemic: Contagion; Pandemic: The Cure; Paperback; Patchwork; Roll for the Galaxy; Russian Railroads; Snake Oil; Suburbia; Temporum; Trajan (8/30 played)

Top 10 games to re-play (as of January 1): Bora Bora; Five Tribes; Glass Road; Impulse; Istanbul; Macao; Ora et Labora; Stone Age; Twilight Struggle; Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

Changes to my collection

After a significant shift in my collection in 2014, both by addition and subtraction, I have (predictably) slowed down so far in 2015. I have picked up a few smaller games, a couple of expansions, and one larger game in addition to a number of Kickstarters that have arrived in the past copule of months.

Additions to Collection (9): Eggs and Empires + Eggspansion; Fidelitas + promo (KS); Friday; Harbour + promo (KS); Istanbul; Mine, All Mine! (KS); Red7; Scoville (KS); Sushi Go!

Expansions added to my collection: Cosmic Encounter: Incursion; Fleet: Arctic Bounty + 2 promos; Star Realms: Crisis x4 and Game Day Pack 2

Games liquidated: Carcassonne: The Catapult and Egizia. That's it for now, but I have a number more to clear out over the next few months as per my analysis On Selling Games in February.

Kickstarters in transit: Antidote (April); Space Junk (April); Eminent Domain: Microcosm (May); Knee Jerk (July)

New Kickstarters ordered this quarter: Among the Stars: Revival (Aug/Sept.); Tiny Epic Galaxies with expansion (Sept.)

Board Game Goals

At the beginning of the year, I set a number of goals for myself during the course of the year, and I take the time

1. 240 plays for the year. I already have 79, which puts me on pace for...316 for the year. Wow. I doubt I'll keep up this pace throughout the rest of the year, but I am well on my way to my goal.

2. Add 15 games to my repertoire. Of the 24 new games I played this quarter, I would say that most are now part of my repertoire, so I'm calling this one accomplished already.

3. Play all of the games in my collection in the calendar year. I have 31 out of 112 played, so I'm roughly 25% of the way there. I might have to clear out a few to get there entirely, so I'm going to

4. Play Jump Gate. The designer indicated on his blog that there will be a Kickstarter later in 2015, so I'm going to put this goal on the backburner for now.

5. Complete a 10x10 challenge. Here's my current progress on my 10x10 challenge for the year: 18% complete! 6 of those 18 plays are of Race for the Galaxy, and I have three games (Cosmic Encounter, Innovation, and Puerto Rico) that I have not played yet, so I still have a long way to go to finish my challenge.

6. Play 20 games from my Top 30 games to play. 8 down, 12 more to go. I think I might finish this one early, and I could make a run at 25 or even 30 of the 30.

7. Acquire six quality games in 2015 (other than already processed KS/pre-orders). Friday, Istanbul, Red7, and Sushi Go! are the new non-KS additions to my collection, so I'm well on my way to this goal.

8. Make three new gaming friends. Through the community of SaskGames, I've already added more than three new people to Facebook and even more by text, so I'm calling this one both accomplished and still in progress.

9. Blog once a month about board gaming, in addition to my quarterly updates. I wrote two - both published in February - and although I have two or three more in the works, I still have some improvement to go here.

10. Get Pot O' Gold (my game) finished and published! It's getting closer all the time, so my hope is having the Print and Play ready to download this summer.

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