Thursday, July 16, 2009

Point A to Point B via Point G-O-D

I love how often the Lord uses events in my life as metaphorical representations of deeper truths in my life. It seems like it happens so often that I'm bound to become a pastor at some point and use these as sermon illustrations someday, but for now I'll file them under "metaphor". Tonight's experience was illuminating. We went to a worship night at the church led by a family from International House of Prayer, and as always, my experience was a mixed blessing. While I did know the presence of God, and He did some work in my heart, I wasn't sure if I had the full experience - if I had missed out on something the Spirit was to do in my life because I was too scared or too worried or too self-conscious or too whatever. I was apprehensive about leaving, even though my wife was very tired, because I didn't want to miss that blessing, so we left too late to catch the bus back to our house (a 40-minute bus ride away). I prayed that we would catch the bus, and shortly thereafter, the bus drove by...but we were a block away from the stop. When we arrived at the stop, we discovered that the bus was long gone, and that it was supposed to have stopped almost half an hour earlier - it shouldn't have been there at all. After some grumbling - why did we miss that bus after we prayed, after all? - we took a taxi to the MRT (rapid transit), which would also take us home. And then, in the midst of my grumpiness, I realized something - although the deviations in our journey because we missed the bus cost us about 140 NT (5 Canadian dollars), we got home much quicker. In fact, we were home, showered, and in bed by the time we would have made it home on the bus. And I realized what God taught me through this experience - sometimes we think we know the best way to do things in our lives, and we pray that way. God knows better, and sometimes he even shows us what we missed to give us perspective, but He has a different and better plan for us. We might have ended up in the same place, but His way is a much better way of getting there, and if we listen to Him, He'll take us on the right path. We often do not understand in whole until the journey is finished, but we don't need to - we just need to have faith that He is leading us on the right journey. So that's how taking the MRT instead of the bus becomes a sermon illustration someday.

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  1. I love the way you see all these things. It's always a struggle for me to see God's hand. I know it's there, and sometimes I do feel it, but so often it seems like it only shows up for the Big Moments, not the little ones. I think it's a perceptual problem... and mine, not His. Something I'm working on...



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