Friday, April 06, 2007

Baby steps

It was two years ago that I first began to find out that friends of mine were pregnant and starting to have children, and I still have several friends who are having children, and some who may soon be on their second children. The oldest of these kids are around eighteen months old, and I have begun to see them actually grow. Until fairly recently, I have had no idea how to deal with babies - how to hold them, how to react to them, how to exist with them around. They have confused me and weirded me out, likely because I had never really been exposed to babies for much of my life. But I am actually starting to know how to deal with infants and toddlers - it may have taken me over a year, but I am getting used to babies. And, even weirder, I am starting to enjoy having babies around. I suppose that means that I might be ready for one of my own eventually. Until then, I will continue making "baby steps" in enjoying my friends' children and watching them grow up and making me smile all the while.

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