Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A farewell to student politics

I have had the fortunate opportunity to have what has essentially amounted to two undergraduate lifetimes, during which I have been heavily involved in student groups and the student press, as well as tangential involvement with student politics. Although I have occasionally poked my head into the fray (ie. CFS referendum), I have generally remained a conscientious participant on the outside of the core of student politics, primarily through my interactions as a member of the press (which puts me on the "inside group" of people who are politically aware on campus) or through a certain individual who has recently decided that the only purpose of student politics is for his amusement. I have been tempted to run on occasion for some kind of office, but I have never actually done it, mainly because the game they play just tires me out. It's fun to watch, but it is far more exhausting when it's your life, as I have discovered on those few occasions when I have gotten involved. It is exhausting seeing the hypocrisy of candidates and the apathy of students collide in an ultimately meaningless flashbang, though mocking posters is a fun pastime for a couple of weeks. The fact is that this current election, which concludes tomorrow, is likely the last time that I will be part of the student political scene in any form, and I am quite glad that my time has come. In the end, student unions got some of my money and some of my frustration, but I think I'm coming out alright. Plus, the CFS didn't get a dime from me while I was a student at the U of S, and that counts for a lot. To commemmorate my farewell to student politics, I offer this haiku, which I believe sums up the entire enterprise well. Enjoy.
Student politics:
Petty, personal, pointless;
Future MLAs?


  1. Love the haiku!

  2. Derek,

    I know you can;t stand the CFS but in case you needed one, here's one more reason.

    Apparently Islam is a race now.

  3. Oh, I wanted to leave this too but screwed up.

    Babe Theory of Political Movements



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