Thursday, November 02, 2006

Under construction

Well, it took two months, but it finally happened. At least one student has found my blog. (I had an assignment handed into me that had my profile picture on the front.) Although I have anticipated this happening since I knew I would be interning, it is slightly different to have had it actually happen (although a relief that it took two months). The question, of course, is how this affects my blog. The answer, I think, is that it does not affect my posting. I feel comfortable in what I am posting in content, and will strive to continue the high quality of Turner thoughts to which you are accustomed. But I have decided as an interim measure to counteract any possible problems to remove my links list in the interim, since I cannot control content on external sites. I have wanted to revise that list and format for some time, and I now have the impetus to do so. So please do not be offended by the removal of the links...consider this a construction site that should be back at full capacity in January. Until then, you can drive at reasonable speed through my regular posts and my archives! Enjoy!


  1. Back in the day, Chris also had a bunch of Eatonia kids find his blog because he, like you, blogs under his full name. (As a result, they found my blog, and were all like "Your fiancee spends a lot of time in her pyjamas!")

    And this, my friends, is why I don't blog under my full name. At least my own students don't know about how much time I spend in my pyjamas.

    (Your response would be "And this is why I don't talk about things that I wouldn't want my students to know.")

  2. Heh, its a good thing too, some of my content was less than kidworthy.

  3. Anonymous5.11.06

    I blame Lyn and Amanda for 98% of the kid-unfriendly stuff on our blog.

  4. Ha! I just realised that I'm kid-friendly. It's all that talk about candy, isn't it?



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