Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Photocopying 101

One of the most common jokes about the College of Education is that they offer classes like "chalkboard writing" and "photocopying"...which, of course, they do not. But it truly is amazing how much time and effort those little things will take out of your day. Photocopying, stapling, hole punching, and collating all can take a lot of time, and they often prove to be very frustrating activities. In addition, it can be difficult to put handouts in just the right order and to make sure everything is done just right. Plus, photocopiers are always jamming or breaking down - and when you understand just how many sheets get run through a photocopier each day, you will begin to appreciate how crucial of an educational tool the photocopier really is. And there is nothing worse than being stuck waiting for another teacher who is photocopying a ton of material. Many of you will scoff at the so-called difficulty of photocopying, but if you ask any teacher, they will most likely state that photocopying is one of the biggest headaches of the profession, and one of the biggest nuisances of their life. Trick of the teaching trade number 4: learn to photocopy.


  1. I have said and will continue to say that we will have to shut down the school if the photocopier ever actually breaks down. I physically do not know how to teach without one.

    I was also thinking today, as I cranked off 50 copies of a 13 page exam that the ecological footprint a school leaves must be abyssmal.

    Yours in Teaching,

  2. Did I mention the time that my Social Studies Teacher decided that he was going to work his way towards a paperless society? Everything was overheads and computer slide shows. The funny things was that just forced us to take more notes, making our own society decidedly less than paperless. (I think he just wanted to see if he could go without photocopying.)

  3. Danielle Fletcher6.11.06

    Hey Derek...
    I totally agree! I spent MANY hours after school during my internship photocopying, and of course, learning to pull the machine apart so as to deal with a paper jam.
    What did teachers do before the photocopier???



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