Thursday, October 26, 2006

Teacher clothes

I have gone over two of the teaching tips I have already discovered: Have lots of shortcuts, and have a wide base of seemingly useless knowledge. And here's trick number three of the teaching trade: look the part. I went out to Value Village before the school year began and picked up "teacher clothes": slacks, khakis, long-sleeved dress shirts, and ties. I was not sure if I was going to enjoy wearing more formal attire than I have been used to (keep in mind how long I have been alternating between university and camp), but I knew that it was part of the professional appearance I had to convey. And I have discovered something I did not expect: I actually like dressing that way on a regular basis. I enjoy looking professional, and it causes me to act more responsible. Plus, I really like wearing funky ties. I have a fairly set routine for clothes: either Monday or Tuesday is a tie day, as is Thursday; Friday is casual day, and Wednesday, as it has been for several years, is "Hawaiian Wednesday." I do realize that it is relatively easy for us gentlemen to dress professionally, but I had not thought of the difference it would make in my daily countenance. The clothes may not make the man, but they at least make the man (ie. me) feel more like a teacher.


  1. Derek, you are still a young man, don't do the routine thing!!! You can make it, believe in yourself.

  2. I really understand the impact of "teacher clothing." I'm even a big "teacher clothing" person as a TA. Since I have to wear my hikers to school, I'm a bit more casual than I'd like, but I find that I have to set myself apart from my students. Especially because I'm the same age as some of them.



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