Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ruby Newsday

Today was a big release day for movies and music, but I managed to resist all temptations (X3: The Last Stand on DVD and new albums by Skillet, Evanescence, Pillar, The Killers, and to a lesser extent Jet) save for one: Corner Gas Season 3. Granted, that resistance was due primarily to the limitations of my particular geographical location (translated: no good music stores here), but I could not resist the "Awesome Eight" superhero caricatures of the characters on the cover of the DVD. Plus, it was cheaper in Extra Foods here than it was on Amazon (that was truly the clincher). Season 3 has some of the best episodes yet (out of the forty episodes in the first three seasons), but I understand that there are some people in my readership who have not yet experienced the wonder that is the Gas. Therefore, here are my top five must-watch Corner Gas Season 1 episodes for the uninitiated watcher: "Tax Man" (2), for the amazing banter; "World's Biggest Thing" (6), if not only for the "crack hoe" jokes; "Cousin Carl" (8) - Brent is emasculated; "Comedy Night" (10) - Book club is brilliant; and "Hook, Line, and Sinker" (11) - the respective interplays between Hank and Karen and Brent and Lacey are hilarious. Honestly, I do not think this show could ever get old.

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