Saturday, September 02, 2006


I was minding my business today, wandering through a local music store, and I figured I would take a stroll through the TV DVD section. It was then that my eyes spied a long-awaited treasure more golden than the yolk that lies at the centre of the egg of freedom, more sweet than the frosting on the cake of justice, more valiant than the heart of the bus driver of liberty...I speak, of course, of...The Tick! [If you are lost at this point, checking the link may help you understand. Maybe.] The adventures of the staunch defender of The City, along with his sidekick Arthur, have finally been released on DVD after a long wait. I was surprised to discover that Buena Vista - a Disney company - released the DVD; what I later discovered was that Disney bought several of the mid-90s Fox Kids properties, and it has taken a while to get them to DVD. Now, however, the spell has been broken, and more Tick awaits, as well as (oh please oh please) the animated X-Men series! I also hope that if this set succeeds that it will instigate the release of other superhero spoofs such as Freakazoid!...because I obviously have nothing better to do than to spend my time in imaginary superhero worlds. Well, my mom thinks I'm cool. Seriously, we watched the DVD together. Sigh.

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