Thursday, September 14, 2006

The 13th Survivor

As many of you know, I am parked in front of the television on Thursday nights at 7 pm for my weekly addiction. Survivor is now in its thirteenth installment, now located on the Cook Islands, and this could be one of the most interesting seasons yet. Although there has been some skepticism about producer Mark Burnett's choice to divide the tribes along racial lines (Latin American, African-American, Asian-American, and Caucasian), I think it will provide one of the most interesting juries in Survivor history. (I do wonder, however, where the representation from Native Americans has been, as I do not recall ANY Native people on any episode of Survivor. Perhaps Burnett thinks they have a built-in advantage after surviving all of the horrible crimes perpetrated against them for the past five centuries? I don't know. But I digress.) It is interesting, however, how different survivors have reacted. Some have seemed completely indifferent to the division, while others are "representing their people." It will certainly be interesting to see what alliances emerge once these tribal lines are blurred, and particularly how the Caucasians do (since most survivors would have the incorrect impression that they have the advantage because of their race). Nevertheless, I plan to watch this season closely, and here are my early early picks for the final four: Jonathan, Sundra, Rebecca, and Yul. Survivors, on your mark!

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  1. Anonymous19.9.06

    Gotta agree with you on your analysis of Survivor. And your four are similar to mine...Stephanie, Yul, Rebecca, and the short Filipino woman, can't remember her name!



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