Saturday, March 04, 2006

An update on the cartoon flap

Only one day has passed, but a lot has already happened with the Sheaf's publication of the cartoon. This story is unfortunately going to be as big as I predicted, and I am expecting national press attention by the middle of next week. In the last day, a very close friend of mine has begun to collect signatures for a letter he is submitting to the Sheaf, and will likely have several hundred by the time he is done. Peter MacKinnon, president of the U of S, sent out a letter to all students demanding an apology from the Sheaf. Dave Hutton, former Editor-in-chief of the Sheaf, will have some interesting observations, as will former News Editor Jeremy Warren, who recently resigned over the Sheaf's decision not to publish the Mohammed cartoons. Kate from Small Dead Animals, Saskatchewan's most popular blog, has picked up the story, and is giving it a lot of exposure. Lost Budgie provides some dialogue on the issue as well. Folks, I think this is the Perfect Storm, and I'm in the eye of the storm. For now.


  1. Wow - I leave on break for a week and this happens. Of course, it was all my fault.
    (By the way, your Small Dead Animal link is messed up... it's .com not .cop)

  2. Hey turner.

    I havent talked to you for a while. How have things been going? Anyways I hope to see you at the show tonight dude. lets get together sometime.


  3. I looked at the cartoons and I expected to get at least a little evil snicker out of them, you know a laugh I could go to hell for, but they weren't even that good. Well one or two of them were good for a chuckle, being political satire mostly. But the one with Muhammed standing in front of a beast of burden, well that one clearly wasn't satire so much as a stick in the eye of Muslims, which isn't completely a bad thing only in the sense that if you go around burning things over a crude drawing of a man standing by an animal, well, you've lost focus and all touch with humanity for that matter. The comic drawer was being a bit of a dick, sure, but the worldwide reaction it sparked pretty much proved he/she had a point after all. If you were to show that picture to a kid in most parts of the world they'd see exactly what I saw: a man standing with an animal. I didn't see a graven image



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