Friday, March 03, 2006

The Sheaf hits the fan

Ah, the student press. Only a week after publicizing their decision not to publish the infamous Mohammed cartoons out of sensitivity for the Muslim people, the Sheaf decided to print several comics about Christianity, including one featuring Christ performing oral sex on a character named "Capitalist Piglet." (The comics are located on page A16 of the March 2 issue.) I do not know whether they chose to do so to prove a point about the public perception of Christianity versus that of Islam, but the decision to publish the comics now is especially ill-advised. I wish the best to the editors of the Sheaf, because there is little doubt in my mind that this will be a big story locally, and possibly beyond that if CanWest picks it up. My hope is that this situation creates positive discourse, rather than fanatical reaction from overzealous Christians who give those of us who want to engage in intelligent discourse a bad name. Whatever happens, it should be a fun week around the Sheaf office.


  1. wow ... i took a look at the comics on the sheaf's online edition ... wow ... that's harsh ...

    again, it's only a photo, but the "insensitivity" (which was the issue within the muslim community) is obvious ... wow ...


  2. Wow. And why all of them at once, right now?

  3. The cartoonist and the U of Sask editors know that they do not have to worry about violence from Christians. Jesus is much bigger than this cartoon, and Christians do not have a worldwide culture of violence associated with the practice of their religion.

    What Do I Want from the University of Saskatchewan? Just the truth...

    Publish the Mohammed Cartoons - or admit that the refusal to publish the cartoons is based upon fear of Muslim Violence rather than "respect" for religion.

    Or, simply admit that the University of Saskatchewan respects Islam but not Christianity.

    Just the truth. That's all.

    .... the above is an excerpt from a post at Lost Budgie. I've also linked to your website.

    This will be a huge story in North America - but not because someone again posted an obscenity against Jesus and Christians. That happens every day.

    It will be a huge story because the truth about the media's lies and biases can no longer be concealed... and the reactions of the Christians vs. the Muslims truly illustrates the vast differences in values and actions between the Christians and Muslims.

    Let the truth be free!


    Lost Budgie

  4. Anonymous4.3.06

    The pres of the university felt the need to send this out to everyone that has a university email acount:

    I feel I must publicly communicate with our campus community on what I
    have just seen in the student newspaper.

    In the February 23 edition of the Sheaf, the editors explained that they
    would not publish the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. It
    is surprising that they did not exercise similar restraint in their
    decision to publish 'Capitalist Piglet' in the March 2 issue of the
    paper. This is a cartoon that is certain to cause distress to members of
    our community. It has divisive shock value only and does nothing to
    advance the understanding or debate for which universities should be

    The Sheaf should apologize to us all.

    Peter MacKinnon

    I agree. The Sheaf owes me, and every reader, an apology. It was clearly nothing but an attention getting stunt, and it crossed a (quite possibly legal) line.

  5. "The Sheaf should apologize to us all.

    Peter MacKinnon

    Apologize for what, Mr. MacKinnon? Cowardness? Favouring Muslims over Christians? Printing the Jesus cartoon. Not Printing the Muslim Cartoon?

    You, Mr. MacKinnon - do nothing with your statement except issue more pablum.

    The genie is out of the lamp. We want a full and truthful debate, and your position is to hide the truth.

    Nope. Your cowardly "now children" email avoids the real issues entirely.

  6. "and Christians do not have a worldwide culture of violence associated with the practice of their religion."
    Not anymore fortunately.

    "It was clearly nothing but an attention getting stunt, and it crossed a (quite possibly legal) line."
    Oh please! Illegal to publish a cartoon featuring a pig and a fictiona...I mean /divine/ character?

  7. Anonymous5.3.06

    Yeah, I was actually surprised to see that someone said "Christians do not have a worldwide culture of violence associated with the practice of thier religion," especially since many people associate Bush's Christianity with his war-mongering.
    And I'm also surprised to hear it implied that violence is an inherent part of the Muslim religion. I know that I do not know a lot about the Islamic faith, but I have heard that the Koran promotes peace and love, and that the violent factions of Muslim believers are just an unfortunate off-shoot. It seems unfair to make this an issue of dichotomous Christianity vs. islam, and which people are more likely to be violent. I mean, I can't help but think of the number of abortion clinics that have been bombed, or gay people who have been beaten, by people who claim to be Christian.
    I also think it's absolutely disrespectful to call someone's God a fictional character. Why would you want to belittle anyone's faith, whether you agree with it or not?

  8. Anonymous6.3.06

    Maybe when these people grow up,,,,They can work for a real newspaper......Because the Sheaf is done!!!

  9. Ky,
    How someone describes Jesus is not even consistent among religious people. To Christians he's the Saviour, to Muslims he's a Prophet, to Jews he's [a prophet too if I recall], and to Buddists [for all I know he's someone who found enlightenment]. Since who Jesus was/is is an opinion, that makes him factually a divine character from literature from ancient writings, and a person revered as divine still today. Perhaps the word "mythical" would have been less offensive? I'd guess not since you'd associate that word with other gods like Zeus whom you've never held a divine attachment to. Since Jesus isn't a fictional person, have his or his estate's lawyer contact me over the pending defamation suit. Thank you.



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