Monday, March 20, 2006

"The intangibles"

Sportscasters often refer to the different characteristics each player will bring to a team, and they often use the idea of "the intangibles" in their analysis. "The intangibles" are those characteristics that cannot be pinpointed exactly. They are the qualities that cannot be quantified or qualified except to be grouped as a quantifiable characteristic called "the intangibles". They are, just as they are said to be, intangible. The term is most often used in a positive description of the player, in praise of their leadership skills or extraordinary abilities. Though occasionally they are applied to an unidentifiable downfall, they remain as elusive of definition and explanation in defeat as they do in victory. I mention the idea of "the intangibles" because there is so much about my "season" of school that can only be explained by the presence of "the intangibles." So much of the last year does not make sense through quantifiable measure or qualitative examination, and the only way it makes sense is to know that there are intangible factors that are affecting my performance (unfortunately often in the negative sense this year) in school. But paradoxically, it is often those same "intangibles" that allow me to make it through. I am in the stretch run now, and those "intangibles" will come in handy as I finish this season, hopefully on a high note. I may have had an off-season, but I hope to finish strong, and make the currently intangible completion of the semester a tangible reality in the next month.

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