Sunday, March 12, 2006

IDS: We now return...

The weekend has almost passed with little new news in the Sheaf cartoon scandal, a development that has been both unsurprising and very refreshing. There will no doubt be further discussion of the issue for the remainder of the school year, but it seems as if the worst of the Sheafstorm is over. I will, as a member of the Board, have to continue to deal with the issue, but it seems as if most people have at this point made their stances clear and that there will be few new developments to which response will be required. I will continue to monitor the media coverage to this issue, as well as the response on campus, and I will continue to report anything that needs to be known here at Life of Turner. For now, I am hoping to put the issue to rest, or at least to the background, and allow it only intermittent interjections into my regular life. And so I attempt to resume my life and move forward to the end of the semester, which is closer every day. We now return to our regularly scheduled Turner.

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