Thursday, March 23, 2006

IDS: Three weeks later...

It was three weeks ago that the infamous "Capitalist Piglet" cartoon was published in the Sheaf, and as expected, most of the brouhaha has finally died down. There has still been some response, but most things that can be said have been said, and so there is little of value left to discuss, even in this forum. What I have found interesting is that the reaction I have personally received over the past two weeks since the publishing of the letter I wrote in response to the issue has been overwhelmingly positive from all sides. I expected to be a touchpoint into the issue for the Christian community, but my reach has exceeded what I had anticipated, and has been (in my estimation) surprisingly positive. I have had many people take the time to comment on how much they appreciated the perspective I brought to the situation, and people I don't know have communicated with me through my blog to express their respect for my position. I do not share this to boast of my own ability, but rather to boast of Christ, who worked so clearly through me during that week. I had a difficult task in balancing friendships, faith, and professionalism, and I know that it was only through Christ that I could have accomplished it as I did. It did exhaust me, but I know that I was in the right place at the right time, and that is what matters. SDG.

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