Thursday, March 09, 2006

IDS: Primary sources needed

I do not know how much more productive discourse there is to be had about the Sheaf cartoon due to all of the misinformation being bandied about in the name of fact. Whether it's the Support the Sheaf blog or the Boycott the Sheaf blog, or many of the other opinions out there, the fact is that there is a lot of rhetoric being spouted in support of all sides of the issue. If you want to know what is happening, go to a primary source and find out, like any historian would advise you to do. Jeremy at Wayward Reporter is a good source, I consider myself a good source, and the Sheaf is perhaps the best source. Find out how the Sheaf works, investigate the bylaws, and do your homework before you speak out. I am getting tired of rhetoric from every side: oddly enough, I have been called right-wing and left-wing for the same reasons by different people who are entering the debate without all the information. The truth is that I have been through almost all of the proceedings thus far, and the board does not have an agenda against Will Robbins, or to propogate communist doctrine, or to subordinate all students to our rule of tyranny. The people at the Sheaf, whether they are volunteers, editors, or board members, are there because they care and because they want to make a difference. I understand the right and need of people to question the Sheaf and its board, but do it properly please. Go to the primary source and then make your decision. And in the case where there are good sources with different stories, look into them all and make an educated decision. Please just stop the rhetoric and ensure that this issue is discussed as all issues in university should be discussed: in a calm, intelligent, informed forum. Help create positive and productive discourse by being informed. It will go a long way to seeing this situation reach a peaceful and intelligent resolution.


  1. Amen.

    I'm glad that the world has a Derek. I'm behind you whole-heartedly, and I think that you've given some of the most balanced reporting I've read on this issue. I'm sorry that this whole controversy has sent you through the blender, but for the sake of everyone else that's involved, I'm glad that you're there, and that you can speak intelligently to all sides.

  2. P.S. I can't even fathom what your blog's traffic is like now. I know that I'm getting a bunch of hits from you lately. I think you've surpassed my sister and the googled phrase "Swiffer Girl Video" (?) for referrals.

  3. Anonymous10.3.06

    This situation's hit the Gateway (U of A paper) as of yesterday's issue. Just to let you know. It's a little unbalanced and I'm considering writing in and directing people who want to know more to your blog. Would that be okay with you?

  4. So far, nothing in the Martlet. But you're all over the place. I just googled "Sheaf" "Capitalist Pig" and it's crazy. People are talking about you in various languages.

  5. Anonymous10.3.06

    Your blog continues to amaze me. But also I am impressed by the character and integrity you are showing through this crisis! Billy Graham was quoted as saying that 'hot heads and cold hearts have never solved anything'. You have been uniquely placed, sir, and uniquely gifted with wisdom to influence the mind and humour and compassion to soften the heart! God bless you friend and keep up the good work!!
    Mike T



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