Wednesday, March 08, 2006

IDS: The apology

The new issue of the Sheaf is out on stands now, and the question now is whether the apology will be accepted, or whether it will be regarded as weak and insufficient. I believe that there are a number of people out there who will not rest until all the Sheaf staff is replaced (which will happen in six weeks' time due to the change in publishing year anyway) and who will not accept an apology no matter what, but I also believe that a lot of the people who would not accept an apology are not the primary group to whom the Sheaf needs to apologize. The main group the Sheaf is accountable to is its membership, the students, as well as the entire campus community, NOT the greater Saskatoon community, which includes fanatics like John Gormley. I am not saying that the Sheaf should not apologize to these people, only that as long as the apology is accepted by the immediate U of S community that it should be considered sufficient, and that the acceptance of the apology by a community that would not accept anything less than the destruction of the Sheaf should not be necessary - though would still be preferable - in a peaceful resolution to the situation. I believe that the apology is heartfelt, well-expressed, and reflective of the penitent attitude that I have seen displayed by the staff of the Sheaf, and I sincerely hope that it is accepted for what it is: an admission of wrongdoing, with a pledge to take the necessary steps to ensure that the chances of something like this happening again are minimized as much as possible. Now, all that remains to be seen is whether the greater community agrees with me.


  1. Hopefully now we all can put this to rest, and moreso, hopefully some learned a lesson of what desecration and discretion means.

  2. I agree that the apology was adaquate, and that the final descision of what to do with the Sheaf staff is up to the Board who represents the University community.

    The cartoon was an over the top attempt at demonstrating capitalist hypocrisy by baiting outspoken Christians like John Gormley into condemning the publication of the Capitalist Piglet cartoon, while previously praising the publication of the Muhammad cartoons in the Western Standard.

  3. Anonymous9.3.06

    Although I did not see the cartoon first hand, the descriptives in the news is enough for me.

    Anyways, here are my thoughts on this whole debacle...yes...I just used the word debacle...

    The comic bugs me on two levels. One, It's insulting to my Savior and desecrates the sacrifice He endured to save us, but that's for each of us to come to terms with on their own. And two, it's a terribly hypocritical "accident" that has revealed a disgusting double standard that, in this case, openly bashes one side of belief while leaving the other protected from public embarassment and offense.

    It's easy for me, as a Christian, to want to crusade against the people that published this cartoon, and to see them recieve discipline to the fullest extent. However, that isn't my, or any other Christ follower's battle.

    The LORD will have his way, and His will be done. To argue and debate over the atrocity and the vulgarity of this sacreligious event is really ineffective, as the Bible cleary states that we'll never argue people into the Kingdom. Rather, we are instructed to do the opposite, to avoid the arguements and controversies.

    Whether they meant the apology or not, that's not for me to judge. I think there was a wrong done, and apologies can go a long way, but from my standpoint, a generous outpouring of grace is just as important for all those involved.

  4. I just went to and typed in "university of saskatchewan" and "sheaf" into the search engine, to see how far this story has gone: you've certainly made national news.



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