Saturday, March 18, 2006

The end is nigh

I feel like I am in such a strange place in life right now. In just over six weeks, I will be packing up my life and heading away to camp for the summer, followed by my education internship in the fall which will likely also be away from Saskatoon. That means I have six weeks to wrap up life here in Saskatoon: finishing my classes; following through on my extracurricular commitments to their ends; seeing friends whom I will not see very often for the rest of the year. It is strange to think that this "Saskatoon era" is just about finished, and it seems much more surreal than when I was wrapping up my time in Regina three years ago. I know I will be back here for that final semester, and I certainly do not know what is happening after that, but when I come back for that semester, I will no longer be as much of a "student." I will be an early professional, with experience in my field and possibly looking for a job as a teacher. Habits will change. Roommates will change. Friendships will change. Life will change. But for now, I am focussed on the present, the time in which new initiatives are put aside to allow for the successful completion of existing commitments. The end is nigh, and it feels weird, but it feels good. Really good.

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