Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cruisin' Turner-style

I have had a week to become accommodated to the new car my parents bought last week. Not just a new car, but a "new" car. (Keep in mind that I grew up riding in an assorted collection of 1970s station wagons and early 1980s Toyotas.) So my parents finally got the urge to splurge, and they bought...a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser. In white. It's a very comfortable ride inside, but since it's pretty much a Neon with a bunch of extra junk on the top, it's pretty gutless. Still, it is the only new car our family has ever owned, and it's kind of fun to drive, especially with all the ice and not a lot of traction. Here's my dilemma: I have never liked PT Cruisers, and I still don't. At the same time, it is a car to drive, and it is fun shocking people when they see me behind the wheel ("When did YOU get a CRUISER?!). And the ladies like the Cruiser. I think. Plus, I can always just say that it is my parents' car, thus removing any possible thought that I had any say in choosing it (which I wouldn't have). I will be driving it for only a couple of months, but it's a fun ride in the meantime. Even if I am ashamed, yet proud, to be seen driving a PT Cruiser. The "P" is for "party," and the "T" is for "Turner-style."


  1. i understand- My parents recently purchased a NEW truch (2001) but for us of course - this is a great thing - It also is white- but is a Dodge dually (sp?)... anyhow - I think it's ugly - but it's a new truck and I wouldn't complain about driving it - in fact I think I will have your same dilemna when I go home this summer- wouldn't have picked it - but will enjoy driving it...
    anyhow - funny how I can relate to that...

  2. a new dodge with duly's? Women in trucks are hot. For real.
    pt cruisers on the other hand, especially ones that ARENT white...ones that are CREAM for those of you who think derek had a shred of dignity driving a white pt, there is no dignity left because it's cream!

    ps...greek sucks

  3. That's the hardest I've laughed all day, at the image of Derek driving around in a white PT Cruiser. Man, I can't wait until Chris comes home, so I can tell him. At least it doesn't have the faux-wood panelling.

    Ahem. What I meant to say there is the ladies love PT Cruisers!

  4. Derek, I can assure you that no self-respecting car-loving lady loves a PT Cruiser. I am very sorry for you.



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