Monday, December 26, 2005

Links awakening

Well, I've been far overdue for another mass promotion of new blogs, so here are some of the new sites that I have been noticing in the past two months of which you should also take note.

This Hapax Legomenon - The blog of fellow Saskatoonite Jadon Androsoff, whom I have never met, but who quotes my blog from time to time. Mostly a collection of thoughts he finds on others' blogs, but a good read nonetheless.
09/11/81 - ? - The blog reinvention of Rochelle Knox, formerly of The Wanderings of Snowy Florimell. Rochelle is an English grad student in Kingston, ON, who writes about her experiences and about many different literary topics.
How Will I Know Unless I Ask? - Some people know her better as "Fish," but however you know Kaeli, she is one funny chick. Think of her as me with a better physique.
Shannon Journies - Shannon is a twenty-something prairie girl living in Saskatoon, and this is her life online. She's cool, and you should get to know her.
Avoiding Success... - Julia is working her way through a philosophy degree. Why? Only she knows, but at least she shares her thoughts in her blog!
La Marriage de la fille Lipskey - Meg is the former roommate of the Queen of West Procrastination, so you can only imagine how odd she can be. Great random observations about life as a student and the process of planning a wedding, plus the odd wacky internet find.
Adventures of a Foreigner in S. Korea - Alvil is...well...Alvil. He's one of a kind, and he's chronicling his journeys in South Korea. I cannot explain Alvil: you have to experience him for yourself.
Bronwyn's Space - Bronwyn is a crisis worker in Regina, and her blog focusses primarily on her own life, but often includes astute observations about the condition of the world in which we live.
Wayward Reporter - Jeremy, the news editor at the Sheaf, has resumed blogging about current issues, journalism, religion, politics, and random funny stuff. Occasionally requires a content warning, but worth the read. - Not a blog, but the online home of Saskatoon photographer Liam Richards, who also works at the Sheaf. Great photos of bands, skateboarding, sports, and other random subjects. Check out the page of photos of Underoath, especially.


  1. Hey...thanks for the mention, Derek! I know I don't post my own stuff too much, but usually others say things better than me. lol

  2. Good call on the new blogs, although I think just saying that Shannon's a cool person isn't exactly advertisment enough. (Other than that you really sounded like Ariann.) C'mon: the girl wears a hazmat suit for a living!



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