Friday, November 25, 2005

Why Buy Nothing Day?

Today, November 25, was "Buy Nothing Day." The day is so named because people at Adbusters years ago decided that it would be a great idea to take a stance on the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States, the Friday directly after Thanksgiving, and that a great way to make a point about consumerism and all those kind of issues would be to engage in a protest that day by not buying anything. It's a great idea that I think has had a lot of success across the globe. But why is the entire globe subjected to this one day? Wouldn't it make more sense to adjust it in different countries for their shopping days, like Boxing Day (December 26) in Canada? Isn't this just another example of Americans forcing their views on the world? Of course, this is against the establishment, so it's okay to do so. Sometimes I just get sick of the whole "anti-establishment" movement; it doesn't prove anything except that people are willing to give their blind allegiance to anti-establishment instead of establishment. The point is, I didn't buy anything consequential, but it wasn't by choice; it was more by circumstance. And in order for a protest to be effective, there needs to be some kind of sacrifice and effect. If BND was moved in Canada to Boxing Day, then it would be meaningful. Until then, it's like American Thanksgiving - a quaint ritual that non-Americans don't understand and that Americans don't understand why non-Americans don't understand it because they're America and what they say should go. But of course, the main reason I bought nothing is because...well...buying things takes money, so most days from now until Christmas are "Buy Nothing Day" for Turner. My own little protest against being broke.


  1. Anonymous26.11.05

    Alright, so BND is anti-consumerism speaks out day. But what about those of us that count on sales to pay our bills, feed our kids, and put fuel into our cars. "Sorry kiddo, no KD for you today. Mommy experienced BND today so the cash flow has dried up." BND on any other day still hurts just as much!

  2. The only way to truly bind the establishment and to protest consumerism is to make less money. Something that most people aren't lining up to do, even if they did buy nothing.

  3. Another point on what Anonymous said is that most people who would buy nothing, not buy gas, etc., on appointed days just buy whatever they need to buy on a different day, such as the day before or after. Is there any effect?

    Oh! And I somehow managed to buy nothing on BND as well. Thank you, Universities that choose to force their students to live below the poverty level!

  4. The point is solidarity and that's why it's the same day around the globe. The point is to unite. The point is to make people aware of the stupid things they buy all the time, at least for one day. It's not to actually ruin the economy for stores and never was.

  5. Yeah, i understand BND. I figure i experience enough BND's out of each month to excuse my coffee and muffin i bought that day. But anyway, since i was aware of it i pumped myself up to hold off buying that shiny new iPod, xbox 360, digital wireless music streamer...
    still pumped...
    wait for it...
    wait i a minute... i'm broke anyway...
    still holding...



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