Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Student Samsara

I have had the privilege of learning about two Eastern religious traditions this semester, as I am taking classes in Hinduism and in Buddhism. One of the interesting features of both of these traditions is the idea of being caught in a life-cycle called samsara that humans must escape to achieve true self in a liberation process called moksha. Much of this semester, and indeed throughout my student career, I have felt like I have been caught in student samsara, a never-ending cycle from which there is no escape. Often, I am rather oblivious to my plight, but there are times when I just feel like something is not right, and I need to be enlightened somehow as to how to be free of this burden and leave student samsara. But there's only one who can help me do that - Christ. I've been living out Romans 7:15, and I need to be living Philippians 4:13. (Look 'em up...great verses). Liberation will come...someday.

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