Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Political partisanship

I usually try to stay neutral and apolitical. I do not like to endorse one viewpoint over the other, and I do everything I can to be involved in the political process without succumbing to picking one party over another. Maybe it is the journalist in me, maybe because I see it sometimes conflicting with my faith, I just do not really know. But this week I have been visibly and vocally campaigning against the CFS (see "Just Say No To CFS" post from last week), and I have been loving it. It has been exciting to be talking to people and representing a particular opinion. I am still not sure if I will ever become a "card-carrying member" of any political party, but at least now I know that I can put myself behind a cause in which I believe. And I definitely believe in keeping the CFS off of the U of S campus. If you are a U of S student, remember to vote "NO!" to CFS. Not me, not now: no CFS!

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