Saturday, October 29, 2005

A link to the past

It is time again, where I have stumbled across several sites of whose existence I have need to inform you.

The Bottom of the Barrel - My roommate Andrew's observations on life, seminary, living with me, and assorted rants. Check out the intense design - it's probably one of the most well-designed blogs I have seen.

Les noces de la fille Lipskey - This long dormant blog has finally been revived! If you are a fan of blogs like QoWP and A Mandolyn and Ky, Meg's amusing observations about life will likely intrigue you. A great way to waste some time.

Here Be Dragons - Backwatersask is dead, but in its place is a new blog attempting to chronicle its author's experiences learning to live on the coast. It's not quite as good as BWS was, but it still contains a healthy dose of crazy science experiments and slightly inaccurate phrasing and grammar.

Timnath Serah (and what comes before) - To be honest, I don't quite understand Lauren most of the time. But on the off chance that he might do something entertaining or insightful, I am letting you know he exists.

Where boys go to get more chocolate bars - I am hoping for good things to come in this blog by a fellow D. Observations on hockey, life as a married person, and being an education student.

Who Links To Me - A great site that helps track who links to you. Brilliant AND pleasing to the ego.

Now the next project is to get more exposure in the blogosphere, do some RSS stuff and get listed on some blog sites. Woo.

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