Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Going away to dream it all up again

After the hectic touring and recording schedule of 1987-1989, including The Joshua Tree tour, the Rattle and Hum album and movie, and the LoveTown tour, Bono told the audience at U2's final show of the 1980s at the Point Depot in Dublin on December 31, 1989 that they were "going to go away for awhile to dream it all up again." The result of their absence was their next step as a group, which turned out to be 1991's Achtung Baby. It was the song "One" that convinced them that the magic was still there. And we are glad they found it again.
With the conclusion of my schooling for the summer, I am left in a somewhat similar situation as U2 found themselves in 1989. I am tired, exhausted, and in need of rest and renewal, much like they were. And I know that over the course of this summer, I need to go away and dream it all up again. My vision, passions, goals, direction all need to be evaluated, and I need to spend time dreaming. That begins now with an experience that may just change my life awaiting me in Vancouver. And then the dreaming shall truly begin.

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