Monday, April 25, 2005

Bow before my Mah Jong might, puny mortals!

This is notice that I have rightfully reclaimed my throne as the King of Procrastination (no relation to the Queen of West Procrastination, despite my attempts to court her fancy) and as King of CBC Kids' "Mighty Mah Jong." Tremble before me and wonder at my might in matching cutesy tiles and using time bonuses to their maximum potential. 1.53 seconds was all it took to establish my Mighty Mah Jong supremacy. Check the "Weekly Scores" if you choose not to believe me, mere subjects. I am King, and none shall supercede my authority.


  1. I am in awe of you Mah Jong supremacy. My three minutes are no match to your 1.53 seconds. The speed at which your fingers must have flown...breathtaking.

    But you may not be the King of West Procrastination. Sorry. Chris will get to be the Royal Consort.

  2. Correction: "your supremacy," not "you supremacy." I'll never sleep again.

    Why am I so over-dramatic lately?



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