Saturday, April 23, 2005


Well, it's about that time again. Time to blog about blogging. If you read over the archives, you will see that blogging itself is actually one of the recurring topics of my blog, in posts such as "Blogging as a Hobby...and a Skill?!" (02-07-05) and "Metablogging" (11-10-04). And as it turns out, I have some more observations about blogging that I think may prove interesting. But before I get into that, if you have been a part of any campus ministry at all, you need to check out the comic Which Circle? that appears regularly in The Door Magazine. "Inter-Varsity Girl" is my personal favourite of the bunch, but read through them all for a good laugh. I also highly recommend the episode commentaries for a healthy dose of satire in your day. But on to the main point of this blog.
As you may have noticed, I have restructed my links yet again. Despite the fact that I seem to do this on a bi-weekly basis, there was a definite purpose in doing so this time. You see, I have struggled with the idea of the "blog roll" for some time. I had listed everyone as "friends," but then there were some really good blogs mixed in with ones that were never updated or were very personalized (ie you need to know the person in order to understand the blog). Those few good blogs were the ones that really have a voice and a clear sense of blog presence, and I struggled with how to value those blogs without devaluing the blogs of other friends. Some people I know put the blog roll in a hierarchical list, and although that works, I am not the biggest fan of that idea. As I mentioned, I tried the alphabetical everyone on the same level kind of strategy, and I don't think that works either. So I've created a new paradigm that I think will work. You will see that I have not altered the "Friends" list, and that no blogs have been removed from that list, and that the new "Favourite Blogs" list does not go by name of the author, but by title of the blog itself. That is because these are the blogs that I check most often because they are so well composed and written, and the blogs that I would most highly recommend. Most of these bloggers are my friends, though not all are. Some are just really great blogs. By the way, thanks to U2 Sermons for their mention of my blog on their site! But I digress. The point is that these "Favourite Blogs" are the ones that I recommend to you, regardless of whether you know the people or not. I do also recommend the other blogs listed in the "Friends" section, but not as emphatically. So that's the reasoning behind my thinking. I will have to weigh in some other time with my thoughts on the communities within the blogosphere, but for now, I will leave you with a quick imperative: go blog yourself!

P.S. I think I need to either write less or find a way to display more text on the screen at once. Hrm. Suggestions?


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Favourite blog list! Huzzah! Look at me go.

    I have an aesthetic comment, although it's not about the size of the frame: black background with white letters makes my eyes hurt. With your blog and Mikey's I have to turn down the screen brightness quite a bit, so I can read it all. Does this make me old? Maybe I should get my eyes checked. Or not spend my life staring at a computer screen. Or something.

  2. Anonymous24.4.05

    here's what you do. you remove the 'recent posts' and put all those links inside the 'history of life of turner' dropdown menu. put that dropdown menu right under the 'life of turner' banner, stretch it the width of the banner. then, you take the verse of week/review of cd/review of haiku (in that order top to bottom) and put them on the right hand column, same size as all the stuff there now. you remove the crap on the right hand side that never works from anyone's computer, you bring down the window of the actual recent blog to the level of the 'pop culture shout out'and widen it over the current place of all your links on the left hand side. you then put the current links bar direclty under the drop down section you had all your 'recent posts' in, (right under the life of turner banner)
    thus keeping the good looks, the pop culture shout out where it's needed, the links where people want them because we dont look at them as often as everything else, and the problem is fixed.

  3. No. I fixed the problem, and besides some of the things you suggested won't work. I like it the way it is now. And I get to decide. So there.

    Derek out.



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