Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Arrogant Worms Experience

The Arrogant Worms were in town tonight at the Broadway Theatre, and they put on a great show. The last time I saw the Worms was in October 2001 when they performed in the Simpson Chapel at Canadian Bible College in Regina for the first and last time. It was also that time that I got to interview the band and subsequently wrote an article that was picked up by other student papers across Canada, particularly the U of A Gateway. It was a fun experience attending the concert with a certain good-looking blonde "stalker girl," a hot redhead, and a cute brunette (upon whom I was at that time just beginning to crush), who would collectively after that evening be known as "Geoffy's Angels." But I digress. The point is that going to an Arrogant Worms concert is an experience that everyone should have sometime. It's kind of like going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show must be - going into a venue with a bunch of people with no fashion sense (this is Saskatchewan after all) who are all singing along and in on the joke, and one annoying person who thinks that they are funny and yells out random things in the front row and has the band make fun of them to shut them up, all while the novitiate has really no idea what's going on or who these people on the stage are. The Worms are masters of audience interaction and running gags, which change each time. They have several standards that they perform - "Jesus' Brother Bob" and "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" are probably their two most popular songs - along with their new material. There are the jokes that recur every show, along with a whole lot of improv and pure hilarity. They are Canadian through and through, and you will leave with your throat hurting from all the singing, cheering, and laughing. Here's to Chris, Mike, and Trevor, Canada's greatest non-Juno-nominated artists. The next time you have the opportunity to "worm" your way into one of their shows, do it. You won't regret it.


  1. I'm dumbfounded by how jealous I am of you right now. I miss the Worms so much!

    Having looked over Tank's blog, I am tempted to come up to Saskatoon to see Sloan.

  2. Anonymous7.4.05

    Good times with the arrogant worms...Much has changed in the last four years, hey?

    Thanks for the note this morning. I did check myself out at google - and there was no surprises ;o)... Looking forward to hanging out, though the week of May 1, I'll likely be at home...

    Two more papers, four finals, a take-home and a lab left...One youth night, one service project, two weekend long events, one sex talk, two wedding showers, double digit hours of driving, applications for summer jobs and know how it is...

    Good luck with all your stuff. Since my showers are this weekend, I'll be tied up, but I'll be thinking about you writing papers ;0). I wrote a 12 pager in 5 hours last night and this morning and handed it in on time!

    Take care - Much love!

  3. Now we just need Ari to comment and you'd have all of Geoffy's Angels on one post!

  4. That was a great night. To think that most of us were just getting to know each other at that point! Crazy. But I will say Geoffy had his descriptions right on. :)

  5. Anonymous9.4.05

    "Exept for you. You be Bosley"

  6. Wow, the Worms were in Saskatoon and nobody told me. I'm in a backwater town I need to be told these things. Oh well I know tha tnothing will compare to the Geoffy's Angels concert with creepy stalker girl making a necklace out of the band's guitar string and us learning that the lyrics to the Gaelic song was just random gibberish not animal noises. Oh what a night.

    Well back to marking.

    Chris Signing out.



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