Friday, January 28, 2005

Sticking around too long

I was in Scott's Parable the other day listening to the "new" Supertones record, Unite. New is in quotation marks because it is actually a greatest hits album comprised of twenty of their greatest songs. In November, they announced that they would be done in 2005. Although I was sad initially, I was also relieved, since their latest album was below the 'Tones standard. The first five songs were really good, and it just went downhill from there. And so we come to Unite. I was both pleasantly surprised and disappointed at the same time. As a long-time fan of the rude boys, I was pleased with the re-recording of two songs from their first album, "Adonai" and "O.C. Supertones" (although they appear to have eliminated the reference to the "rude boys show"! Is nothing sacred?). I was also quite impressed with both the song selection and track order of the CD. There was more emphasis on the first three albums, their best, while the final three albums received less focus, deservedly so. In fact, there is really only one or two choices I would question, mainly concluding with "Wilderness." Anyway, the fact is that if you're a novice to the Supertones, Unite is a good catch-all summary of their career. Of course, the bad news is that if you're a longtime fan such as myself, there's really no point in buying it. I've heard rumours of a worship album and/or b-sides album coming out later on, so I'll wait for those, methinks. Of course, you can compare this with the way Five Iron Frenzy went out, which was to release a B-sides album, followed by their final new album, which was reissued the next year and packaged with a live recording of their final concert. The perfect way to go out. But enough music talk for now.
I have been wondering about how to do this very thing in my own life. Not ending my musical career, but how to transition from one thing to another, and how to end something I've done for a long time. I'm speaking of executive involvement with IVCF. I have three months left until I am officially done, and I am completely confident that God is not calling me to executive leadership next year. So how do you end? I've decided the best option is just to continue giving it my all and to continue to seek God in what He would have me do. That's about the only option, as best as I can see it. But it's also kind of intimidating and invigorating all at the same time, seeing the end of something that has been vital to your life for so long. It makes for an interesting period of life, I suppose. The farewell tour of IVCF leadership. Then I get to embark on new projects, much like members of FIF and the 'Tones have done. And then I get to see what God will do with that. Seems like it will be fun.

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